The Blockchain technology is disrupting existing markets across multiple industry sectors. While extremely promising, mainstreams blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum have critical flaws:

  • – High transaction costs
  • – Low transaction speed
  • – Energy inefficiency
  • – Scalability Constraints

Distributed Blocks solves all these problems by offering the most advanced distributed ledger technology platform for business applications.


We have taken the leading edge, open source Skycoin Blockchain technology and delivered it with arange of tools and processes that allow any business to rapidly and confidently deploy their own distributed ledger applications with all the support and customer processes needed for an end-to-end implementation.

Next Generation Blockchain with ultra fast transactions, no transaction fees and low energy consumption.




Transactions Per Second

Transactions Cost
up to 50 $
up to 10 $

Electricity Consumed (per transaction)
850 kWh
71 kWh
<1 kWh

Business logic definition that enables distributed applications and trustless execution. The next generation of smart contracts .

Secure desktop and web-based wallets with dedicated graphic user interface.

OTC tools for coin sales and distribution. Run your Initial Coin Offering in a smooth and efficient way.

User on-boarding and management tools including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering(AML) solutions.

Technical support and issues resolution processes.

Use Cases

DIST Coin Offering

Coin Name: Distributed Blocks (DIST)
Total Supply: 100,000,000 DIST

Private Sale: 5,000,000 DIST
Pre-ICO: 15,000,000 DIST
ICO: 30,000,000 DIST
Bounty Program: 10,000,000 DIST
Founders: 15,000,000 DIST
Advisors & Partners: 10,000,000 DIST
Treasury Reserve: 15,000,000 DIST

Private Sale: 1 DIST = 0.20 USD
Pre-ICO: 1 DIST = 0.30 USD
ICO: 1 DIST = 0.50 USD



Dr. Carlo Maragliano

Executive Director & Founder

Dr. Maragliano is an engineer and entrepreneur, with a strong expertise in blockchain technologies and applications. Dr. Carlo successfully completed multiple ICOs. Dr. Maragliano holds a Ph.D. degree from Masdar Institute and studied in prestigious American colleges like MIT and Boston University.

Alex Jost

Executive Director & Founder

Alex Jost has extensive experience in marketing, operations, and research and analysis in the technology and blockchain/ICO sector. A political scientist by training, Mr. Jost has worked in analysis and operations for a number of technology start-ups and companies, including a developer of high-efficiency solar modules, and has contributed to the successful completion of multiple ICOs. He holds a degree from the University of Oxford.

Mark Bainbridge


Mr.Bainbridge is a technology and eforensics specialist, with range of high-profile technology implementations for aerospace, technology and banking clients.

Nelly Ukhova

Marketing Manager

Ms. Ukhova is a Marketing Manager with 3 years of experience in Branding and PR Marketing. Having accomplished multiple internships in international companies in Europe and Middle East, Nelly has become fluent in 6 languages and developed a strong skill set in communication and human behavior.



Synth, one of the earliest contributors behind Bitcoin, started Skycoin 8 years ago with the vision of creating a flawless blockchain technology. He sits on the advisory board of several successful cryptocurrency projects. Synth has a background in mathematics, Distributed Systems and symbolic logic

Prof. Stefan Brunnhuber


Prof. Brunnhuber is a professor in finance, medicine and sustainability. Prof. Stefan is a member of several international working groups, including the Club of Rome, the European Academy and the EU Commission. Prof. Brunnhuber is also one of the 15 German members of the World Academy of Arts.

Jeremy Samuel


Mr. Samuel has a strong background in digital startups and a demonstrated track record in funding and growing technology. Jeremy is an expert in ICO fundraising and regulatory compliance. Mr. Samuel holds an MBA and two Computer Science degrees.

Alfred Jost


Mr. Jost is an international entrepreneur and expert in market economy and corporate business. As a former investment bankers, Alfred successfully founded and managed more than 10 companies, with cumulative profits greater than $100 million.